The Viral Content Challenge: Let’s Get this Bread

Virality is an unpredictable concept which can make some people famous and make others seem like a drop in the water. Knowing this, I tried to make a meme coming off the back of a popular trend, and the results were better than I expected, despite some mistakes.


That Monday Feeling


The objective of this project was to get an engagement of over 550 views on imgur, with another objective of gaining at least 800 impressions via Twitter Advertisements.



Twitter Advertisement Engagement

Twitter Engagement


I would consider it a success in terms of metrics. I gained 554 views on imgur and 1,002 impressions on my Twitter Ad. While this was successful, I feel there are two errors which hurt my engagement on both imgur and Twitter.

Firstly, I did not properly set up my ad buy. Instead of doing the math and spacing out my budget, I misread the form and put all of my money toward one day. This resulted in a lot of engagement in one day. While this overall helped me with my ad engagements, it did not help me gain more views as the campaign went on. At the end of my first day, my meme was viewed over 290 times. But, by day three, that number had only increased to 325 views. I believe this is due to the faulty ad buy. This is one error which prevented more engagement.

Secondly, when tagging my meme on imgur, I added the tag, “letsgetthisbread.” This was associated with a popular trend at the time and I believed that it would have been found by people following this meme. However, doing my own research, I found that when I posted my meme, the format began to die. I now realize if I did this research and discovered it was becoming a dead meme, I could have found a better format to make my meme for and would have added a different tag to my meme.


This has been helpful to me and will be important in my future as a communications professional. Despite some mistakes I made before I posted my meme, the meme surpassed my objectives and can be considered a success. In the future, I can add this skill to my communications tool belt and use this to further my career. After this project, I now know that I have the capabilities to buy advertisements and achieve virality.

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