The World Is Truly At Your Fingertips

Social media has brought significant change to way interactions take place around the world.  This “thing,” has essentially become a platform that allows everyone a voice just as loud as the next, it has transformed the way in which an audience receives information while also acting as a stepping stone in order to promote and execute societal change.  Social media has changed my life to a large degree.


Sports are global in every aspect and never has it been easier to know what is going with my favorite soccer team over in England, Aston Villa Football Club.  Not only do I get a large portion of team news from tweets sent out by blogs, but I am sucked into a large social chat with fans of the same team from all over the world.  I can voice my emotions directly to the team owner if I feel like it or I can simply take in the overwhelming love that me and so many others feel for this club come match day.  Social media has elevated a passion of mine.  It has also done more than simply connect fans, as it simply changes the way you go about life.

How many times have you heard “be careful what you say/post” or something along those lines.  Never before has a platform made you question everything you do as much as social media does.  I now have the basic skills to write in only 140 characters, yet I maintain the ability to write 500+ words for my journalism class.  Social media has essentially transformed the way I think as it loans itself to being a place for stories.  It is however how you say something that will either see your post draw attention or decide if someone will simply scroll past it.

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