Top 10 Tweets

I found the impressions, engagements, and engagement rates of all of my tweets from the end of August to the beginning of December that referenced #NHsmc using Twitter Analytics. I included these statistics underneath each of the compiled Top Ten tweets below with a caption explaining my driving motivation behind each tweet’s success.

410 impressions 8 engagements 2% engagement rate.

I created this tweet with the help of a group of my classmates regarding the food waste epidemic. I believe that this tweet got so many impressions and engagements because my fellow group-mates retweeted my post to their accounts, therefore increasing the overall reach of it.

149 impressions 4 engagements 2.7%

This post was the result of a very unusual bus ride I was on. I couldn’t help but share my experience to my followers and the unusual nature of the siting bred more engagements than most of my other tweets.

417 impressions 15 engagements 3.6% engagement rate (above)

These posts featured above and below took advantage of the coveted speakers we had during our class lectures. By featuring our guest speakers (Lania and Dennis Crowley) with their own following I was able to drive very high rates of engagements and among the highest number of impressions I had throughout this class.

522 impressions 41 engagements 7.9% engagement rate (below)


400 impressions 20 engagements 5% e.r.

For this post, I had to create my own hashtag after analyzing my follower’s tendencies. After running this analysis I realized that the majority of my followers were people in this class because I just recently created this professional account. This led me to create the #grygielknowsbest hashtag because it would connect to the largest number of my followers. (The hashtag was even used by another classmate later this semester!)

240 impressions 9 engagements 3.8% engagement rate

This post came organically because I needed media (picture) to accompany my post for the class and I had recently taken pictures of the crazy sunsets I had been seeing. I think it connected with my audience so well because they had also bear witness to the sunsets that I captured.

306 impressions 7 engagements 2.3% engagement rate

I felt compelled to post this tweet above after we learned of his digital footprint dominance in the online journalism field. He knows the key to virality and I hoped deep down he would even interact to me in the slightest online (sadly he didn’t).

130 impressions 8 engagements 6.2% e.r.

This tweet played off of current events and the political landscape which bred engagement from followers who are both supportive and voiced opposition to the presidential candidate.

177 impressions 10 engagements 5.6% e.r.

This media was a a cool execution of a modern social medium that I’m sure many of my followers have seen or heard of before, therefore making them more likely to interact.

139 impressions 34 engagements 24.5% engagement rate

This was my first post for the class and yet it still remains one of my most powerful because of its play off of people who have great influence and reach. By even putting my name next to these powerful online personas I was able to ride on their coattails a bit.

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