#Trump(ing) Views

Only a week after the Presidential election, people still have a lot to say about the candidates. #Trump2016 remains a trending hashtag on twitter for both supporters and those who claim he is “not my president.”


It’s interesting to see how opposing views on twitter can still reach both sides using the same hashtag, #Trump2016. Whether people voted for him or voted against, clearly both sides still have strong opinions.

I thought it interesting to pull tweets from this hashtag that seemed, to me, so indicative of the kinds of people voicing their opinion throughout the debate. I pulled from the top tweets.

Twitter is a platform that allows for both sides to be seen. On Facebook, we often just see what our peers are posting. For example, my own feed made me believe that Hillary was winning the election by a landslide. However, I later realized that Trump supporters probably thought their candidate would win the entire time based on what their peers shared with the same views on their timelines. With any controversial topic, both sides are able to share their opinion and come together by using one similar hashtag like #Trump2016.

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