Twitter Growth Throughout the Semester

Part 1:

My twitter account that I used for this class was a newly created one. Therefore, I started out with 0 followers. After telling my friends and family to help me gain followers, I am ending the semester with 16 followers, which is not a large growth percentage.

I realized that the more hashtags I used, the more impressions I got, increasing my network. Also, by retweeting popular accounts I gained some followers who are interested in those accounts as well. In addition, I tried sharing my new twitter account on my personal social media accounts, but I do not think I got any growth from doing so. I believe that most people saw my account was clearly for a class and felt no reason to follow to see my school assignments.

Part 2:


Total engagements:4

Profile clicks:2



Total engagements:7

Profile clicks:1

Link Clicks:3

Detail Expands: 2


Media Views:32


Total engagements:5

Media Engagements:5


Total engagements:4


Total engagements:4

Profile clicks:2


Total engagements:4

Profile clicks:2

Detail Expands:2


Total engagements:14

Media Engagements:8

Detail Expands:4



Total engagements:12

Media Engagements:7

Profile clicks:3


Total engagements:34

Media Engagements: 30

Profile clicks:2



Each of my posts offer a variety of pictures, videos, and hashtags. Since I do not have a large amount of followers, my tweets did not receive a lot of likes, retweets, or replies. Some definitely received more than others.Throughout my tweets, I tried to incorporate a variety of tones to see which tone works best for my twitter account and what gets the most engagement. I figured out that the top tweets that had the most engagements were those about a serious topic relating to the news.

Throughout this course, I have learned a lot about social media. Even though I thought I was an expert with my social media platforms, I realized there was even more things to learn about them. From using the analytics website for twitter, I am now able to  keep track of my engagements and impressions to see what types of posts my followers react to best. This new skill can help me gain followers and keep me from tweeting things that my followers do not engage well with. Also, in this semester I was taught how to schedule tweets ahead of time, make lists of twitter accounts I want to be able to reach easily, and to see a list of the trending topics on twitter. All of this I am able to view through, which I never knew existed before taking this class.

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