Twitter Influence: It just keeps growing and growing and growing

At the beginning of the Spring semester I was faced with a difficult choice. Do I use my current Twitter account that has racked up over 11,000 tweets and lots of clutter, or do I start fresh and see how I can use the social media platform in a professional manner? I ended up choosing the latter, primarily because I wanted to have a social media handle that was professional enough to send to an employer that still showed off my bright personality.

Overall I saw quite the growth during our 3 months of tracking (between the dates of January 20th and April 20th). Starting with 0 followers, I ended with an even 100 (which quickly increased just hours after I reported my growth). My Klout score also jumped significantly. As a new account I started the class with no Klout score and ended with a 44. I think these increases came from having a constant heartbeat to my account, using relevant hashtags, and also reaching out to people in the industry and being added to several “social media” lists.

My Top 10 Tweets:


An example of #slacktivism, this tweet quickly became my most engaged tweet ever. Posted out right as the hashtag #SonyIsDroppingDrLukeParty came to fruition, it saw a lot of eyeballs in a short amount of time. I was amazed at how quick this tweet blew up and although the story ended up being false, it was a really cool example of how a Twitter movement like #FreeKesha had people truly fighting for the pop princess.

This tweet saw: 89,954 impressions, 6,658 engagements, 7.4% engagement rate


During the first week of class we were tasked with finding some IRL social media and as Marketing Director for University Union I decided to post about some of our past shows. With a retweet from the UU account, I was able to get a lot of impressions and engagements.

This tweet saw: 2,153 impressions, 128 engagements, 5.9% engagement rate


I love Hillary Clinton, and when I saw that she won the New York Primary I decided to tweet about it. Apparently others agreed with me, because this tweet is continuing to see engagement well past the primary.

This tweet saw: 2,146 impressions, 66 engagments, 3.1% engagement rate


University Union’s second Bandersnatch concert of the semester saw Anderson .Paak and rapper Smino Brown come through the Schine Underground. To promote the show, I tweeted out a Soundcloud link of one of Smino’s songs and fans of the rapper began to like the tweet.

This tweet saw: 1,941 impressions, 19 engagments, 1% engagement rate


As a proud Rochestarian, I loved seeing Hillary Clinton talking about how a bunch of women in the Rochester area placed “I voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave. Touching tribute that shows just how important it is for everyone to be able to vote.

This tweet saw: 1,679 impressions, 24 engagements, 1.4% engagement rate


UU had just announced their spring comedy show which was Hannibal Buress. Tickets for the show had gone on sale that day and we wanted to make as big of a first day push as possible.

This tweet saw: 1,665 impressions, 46 engagements, 2.8% engagement rate


This reply tweet to my Kesha tweet (which was ranked #1) saw a lot of success as well. I wanted to include the #FreeKesha tag in a blue line tweet because I had left it out and because of that a lot of people found that tweet as well.

This tweet saw: 1,548 impressions, 25 engagements, 1.6% engagement rate


In the lead up to the Grammy’s, Gwen Stefani and Target partnered up for her newest song “Make Me Love You”. In the promotion, Target used a really cool Kaleidscope feature on their image that I found super cool. I wanted to learn how to make this so I asked, and a lot of people got back to me!

This tweet saw: 1,472 impressions, 13 engagements, 0.9% engagement rate


I like to live tweet during our UU events, and this was a perfect moment to do so. Smino, the opener for the night, jumped out into the crowd and everyone got super excited and formed a circle around him. Moments like this made me love being in such an awesome organization.

This tweet saw: 1,144 impressions, 142 engagements, 12.4% engagement rate


Who doesn’t like some #WednesdayWisdom? Since it was 4/20, I thought I’d be funny and tweet out some wisdom about what NOT to do on this “special” day. A lot of brands decided to hop on the 4/20 train this year which had me scratching my head and thinking to myself, “do you want to associate yourself with this?”

This tweet saw: 977 impressions, 22 engagements, 2.3% engagement rate


Overall, my top tweets seemed to center around music, humor, Hillary Clinton, or University Union. All things that I’m passionate about, I’m glad that people also found this content enjoyable. This semester has provided me with the tools to be my sassy and sarcastic self on social media, while also carrying a professional maturity on Twitter as well.

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