Two Sides and the Truth: #FireFauci

The hashtag #FireFauci started on April 13th after President Trump retweeted a tweet. Fauci is the lead scientist in the fight against COVID-19. Some of his supporters agree with the idea that Fauci should be fired, while others believe firing him would cause chaos.

Some of Trump’s supporters are blindly following his lead.

But the opposing side understands the disorder that will come following the release of Fauci. Trump’s loyal supporters are not educated on factual scientific knowledge.

Some of his supporters do genuinely believe in Trump’s ability to lead the country.

This user does not want to #FireFauci but is on Trump’s side of the argument against the media. This is an interesting take because this Trump supporter understands the importance of Fauci but nonetheless defends Trump and not the science.

There are those who defend Fauci from a personal perspective. Fauci owned up to the mistake he made, and should not be fired.

Some believed the panic around this topic was uncalled for, but this tweet defends the reason why people reacted the way they did.

Then there are those who are fed up with Trump’s administration and will take any side against him.


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