Viral Content Challenge

Going viral does not seem like it would be a challenging thing but after setting out to do it I realized how much goes into becoming viral.

When I started this project here was my objectives were as followed:

-Post to go viral

-At least 500 views on imagur

-50 favorites on twitter

-Break the class record

Here were my results:

-Post went viral

-At least 500 views on imagur

I was not successful in getting 50 favorites or breaking the class record. I realized my strategy of tweeting out the link encouraged more people to click then favorite so by setting such a high favorite goal it was unrealistic. I needed to have just tweeted the picture if I wanted to be successful in favorites. As far as breaking the class record I do not think I failed in the category but yet I admit defeat that others were funnier than mine. I think I also would have been more successful if I did not have trouble uploading my image to twitter web cards and could have had more days to run my actual campaign. Running the twitter campaign only gained me about 200 more views on imagur. By making it public alone I was able to get 969 views. Pushing it out on imagur was my most successful tactic in going viral.

My final view count was 1137. 

In conclusion my meme went viral.

2 thoughts on “Viral Content Challenge

  1. Hi Jacqueline,

    I think your meme is really funny and I can totally relate! I think I also could have been more successful in using Twitter webcard. I got kind of confused with the system, and i also had a problem with my ads. Your meme is very relevant to college students, and on Imgur I’m sure that’s why you received so many views. I had a goal to receive 50 retweets and favorites as well. I thought this would be relatively easy–however, it takes a lot of work targeting people on twitter. It’s hard to create a niche audience and directly target them. Something that I did that could have been beneficial to you, is using specific hashtags to target people. My meme was about Fortnite so all I did was target fornite users. A page like Betches would most likely post a meme like this. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if you tagged them, or mentioned them in a tweet. Overall, impressive view count!

  2. Jacqueline,
    This was really hilarious. I think it is really difficult to make viral content nowadays because there are too many contents outside, so you did a really good job on this one. I understand that you wanted to make it engaging and kind of personal, so people could be emphatic with you, that was a really good strategy. I do believe that using typical hashtags for this kind of content would make your tweet even more viral. For example, instead of using the word meme you could use #meme as part of your paragraph. You maybe could use the word #viral at some point, making even more obvious your objective of became viral, so people wanted to help you more. Those are only a few more options, but I congratulate you for this good job. Keep doing it. Marita

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