Viral Content Challenge



The tweet I created references an Internet meme that is trending around social media currently. The phrase, “let’s get this bread,” is a slang term for making money, so it essentially means: “let’s get this money.” It originated when someone posted a video of rapper, DJ Khaled saying the phrase “let’s get this bread.” Ever since this tweet went viral, people have been referencing the phrase and making jokes about it, commonly poking fun at the fact that it revolves around bread.

Therefore, my tweet also pokes fun at the word bread. Since Thanksgiving is coming up and there is always bread at the Thanksgiving dinner table, I decided to relate the two for a tweet. I also make a reference to the fact that Thanksgiving is filled with older relatives, who have no clue about meme culture.

My primary goal was to go viral, by being screenshotted and posted by Buzzfeed’s instagram or twitter accounts. Another goal was to receive a good amount of organic interaction (favorites and retweets) from my current followers on Twitter.

My primary objective was to receive 20 favorites on my tweet.

Metrics and Analysis:

My tweet received 31 favorites and 7 retweets. It also received 1,966 impressions and 150 engagements which results in a 7.6% engagement rate.

With this data, it is evident that I met my primary objective, as I received 31 favorites on my tweet when I wanted to receive at least 20. This also meets my secondary goal of getting a good amount of organic interaction. By just tweeting and not putting the tweet anywhere, I had about 20 favorites, which was entirely organic. To me, this means that the low richness tweet was funny in the eyes of my followers. People I know retweeted it, and then their followers whom I did not know also favorited the tweet. This means that the tweet on its own appealed to people around my age on Twitter. I believe this was due to the fact that it included a popular meme at the time and also it was tweeted around the time of Thanksgiving, so it was relevant.

Although I was happy with the organic engagement I received, I did not meet the goal of going viral by having my tweet posted by Buzzfeed. Although I did follow my plan by putting the tweet on my personal Facebook account and tagging Buzzfeed, I still did not go viral. I also only received a few more favorites on the tweet from following these last two steps. I did get more impressions, but the people who viewed it after I posted it did not engage. I think that this is because Twitter is a social media platform that does best with organic and real content. People who tend to engage with tweets on Twitter do it naturally and do not like to access tweets that were posted on Facebook. Additionally, I think tagging Buzzfeed did not work because Buzzfeed is a huge media company and is most likely tagged in tweets very frequently, so there is a large chance no one at Buzzfeed actually saw my tweet.

Therefore, I am happy with the organic engagements I received on my tweet. I feel if it went more viral organically then Buzzfeed might have seen it, due to the fact that Buzzfeed stays on the lookout for what tweets are naturally trending and going viral on Twitter.

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