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Krampus is an Alpine folklore. He is the half-goat, half demon counterpart to St. Nicholas. He punishes and kidnaps the children on the naughty list as St. Nicholas gives the good children candy. Krampus and St. Nicholas come on December 5th which is during the campaign timeline, and there is plenty of Krampus merchandise with his creepy face on it. While this myth originated in Europe, it is starting to gain traction in the United States, especially with last year’s release of a Krampus movie.


  • Get “18 Krapmus Gifts To Buy For Anyone On The Naughty List” promoted to the Buzzfeed homepage or have it go viral

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Overall, the goal of the post was to get promoted. Because it did not get promoted, reaching the goal for views was a not able to be met. However, with the help of promoting the tweet, the tweet gained well over 200 impressions. It had a total of 1,684 impressions total. The issue may have been that the content was released too close to the actual night of Krampusnacht. While I had seen other Krampus content on BuzzFeed, the theme may have been too unfamiliar to most people.

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