Viral Content Challenge: Is She Real


  • Attract new followers
  • Collect engagement on Twitter webcard ad and Imgur “views”
  • Encourage sharing on different social media platforms
  • Arouse resonance and evoke positive emotions (funny)


  • Gain over 30 engagements solely on Twitter from different parts of the United States
  • Get 5 likes on the original Twitter meme post
  • Gain 3 followers during the time of my campaign (between the dates of 11/2/2016 and 11/9/2016)
  • Obtain 500 views on Imgur



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  • I completed the goal of gaining over 30 engagements as my campaign hit 58 engagements
  • The first original Twitter meme post only has 2 likes.
  • I gained 4 followers during the time of my campaign (between the dates of 11/2/2016 and 11/9/2016)
  • The campaign obtained 532 views on Imgur

Twitter Ads was not my friend. I was able to post my original web card and the second tweet but when I scheduled the next four, they were promoted and did not show up on the timeline. If I was to do this again, I would ensure that all tweets were posted in the same format. I think that being able to post it as standard tweets and then promoted them could have possibly helped the engagement levels.

I also could’ve spent more – the campaign ended at $4.10 and there potentially could have been more engagements if the $0.90 had been spent to get the campaign in front of more eyes.

I should’ve done more research to find relative, popular hashtags. I used hashtags such as: #socialmedia, #meme, #unreal, #relationship. I don’t think I reached enough potential audiences and could’ve potentially gained more engagements by using more relevant hashtags.

I was able to obtain more than 30 engagements and I think this was a result of choosing the right categorical audiences.

Final Engagement Number: 590 engagements

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