Viral Content Challenge: JWOWW vs Mother Nature


For my meme, I wanted to garner over 500 views on Imgur. I also wanted to increase engagement on Twitter through gaining 10 followers. This, however, was tough as I was only able to gain 3 followers during the duration of the campaign.

Imgur Meme

Motha Nature? We need to talk

Twitter Webcard

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Campaign Summary

Overall, this was a pretty tricky campaign. I did not expect to struggle with gaining views and clicks as much as I did. Prior to creating a webcard, I uploaded the image to Imgur and it only gained about 200 views from Imgur. I decided that I needed to make the tags on Imgur less specific in hopes that more people would view it. I re-uploaded the image to Imgur and used more generic tags. Within a half an hour I was at 500 views. This demonstrates that when considering virality and using tags, the less specific, the better. Additionally, my tweet did not perform as I had expected. I thought that the meme was extremely timely and relevant since it combines two trending topics – the poor weather and the Jersey Shore reboot, however, it did not seem to resonate as expected with Twitter users. I experienced extremely little engagement on Twitter, aside from a couple of favorites and retweets, mostly from other Newhouse students. My webcard received 669 impressions and 83 engagements. Looking back, maybe I should have expanded my horizons when choosing people to target for the campaign. Regardless, it was extremely exciting and fun to create and spread a meme throughout the internet, and the little engagement I did garner felt rewarding and thrilling.

Final Numbers

I ended up with 774 views and 9 comments on Imgur.

One thought on “Viral Content Challenge: JWOWW vs Mother Nature

  1. Congrats on getting over 500 views, Steven! I definitely agree that the Twitter portion of the campaign was much more difficult than I had expected it would be. That being said, I totally think your meme is hilarious and relevant. Why is still 40 degrees out and why did I just watch 4 episodes of the Jersey Shore instead of doing work?! The world may never know…

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