Viral Content Challenge #NHSMC

The challenge was to “go viral”! In the world of social media, memes take over the internet and my goal was to create a meme that did just that.

My objective was to:

  • Reach over 500 views on Imgur
  • Get at least 50 likes on Instagram
  • Get at least 30 retweets on twitter
  • Gain at least 10 more followers on both Instagram and twitter

Meme-Imgur Campaign

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Twitter Webcard Tweet

Twiter Ads Engagement and Spend

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My strategy was to use Imgur, Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Before I started the campaign, I had 26 followers on twitter and 61 followers on Instagram. At the end of the campaign, I had 29 twitter followers and 76 Instagram followers. I didn’t reach my goal for twitter, but I did achieve my goal for Instagram. I posted the meme on Instagram and twitter and I got a total of 13 likes on Instagram and 4 retweets on twitter. Even though I didn’t reach my engagement goals on these platforms, I am still happy with the result considering the ratio of followers I have.

When trying to have high engagement, I found that hashtags were important to use and the most helpful. Another way I tried to gain engagement for my meme was through Instagram stories. I made a few stories promoting my meme or my twitter to gain attraction to my account. I think the reasons for the results ending with mediocre engagement was due to having a broad audience. I found this to be true as in the past when I would make posts for a more specified target like college students, I found I had a higher engagement. Therefore, by not using the specific hashtag “college” in imgur, that took away some engagement. My goal on imgur was to reach at least 500 views however, I ended with a total number of 300 views on Imgur.

I ran a twitter campaign from November 6 to November 7 with a budget of $5.00. My objective was to get as many tweet engagements as I could with that budget. I ended up getting 630 impressions(total number of all the times the tweet has been seen) and 28 tweet engagements(the total number of times a user interacted with my tweet).




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