Viral Content Challenge – The Office: “thank u, next”


“Thank u, next” is Ariana Grande’s most recent single, released on November 3rd, 2018. The single is in response to her break up with then fiancé Pete Davidson on October 14th, 2018. The two confirmed their engagement back in June 2018.

Ariana released the single the day before the November 4th show of SNL, where it was rumored Pete had written a sketch about their breakup. The Internet hailed the song as a breakup anthem of the ages and quickly turned to making memes out of it.

This particular tweet is a meme format that gained popularity after the drop, using the lyrics “One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain.” The joke is to add in three pictures that are thematically connected, and assign each either love, patience or pain.

My version of this uses the three relationships of The Office character Kelly Kapoor.


  • To use this trending format to connect with Twitter users
  • Ideally, my use of a relationship from the popular show The Office will be recognizable by Twitter users and they’ll find it clever/relatable enough to share it




Metrics Report

  •  Impressions: 444
  • Total engagements: 102
    • Media engagements: 73
    • Detail expands: 13
    • Likes: 10
    • Profile clicks: 3
    • Link clicks: 2
    • Retweets: 1


Overall, I did not meet the objectives I set out to accomplish with this tweet. I received significantly less retweets and likes than I thought I would.

In addition, this tweet didn’t achieve the goals I put in place. It did not find the audience I had intended for it to reach.

What I think went right was that the tweet drew from a popular meme form and referenced a very popular show. For those who knew the context, the tweet made sense and was funny.

I think I went wrong in a few areas. First, I think I missed the window of opportunity with this specific meme format. The song the meme is based off dropped on November 3rd and news outlets had caught on to the meme by November 6th. I tweeted this tweet on November 8th, arguably past the peak popularity of the meme. I think this was my main issue because my tweet became irrelevant.

I also think my tweet was unsuccessful because I don’t have a strong twitter presence or following. To see more success on twitter in general, I should be tweeting funny things on a regular basis. This would build up my following and I’d have a better change of getting strong engagement.

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