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Who Can Relate? Monday vs. Friday BuzzFeed BFF #NHBuzzFeed

Posted by Jacqueline Kane on Wednesday, November 29, 2017



I wanted to do something that was relatable to everyone. In developing the idea for this meme, I thought a good topic idea would be x vs. reality. And then I decided to make Instagram vs. reality because, there are always those people that go all out and act extra for the gram, but when they’re just going through their daily routines they put very minimal effort into their appearance, which is exactly what I do. I’m guilty of doing my hair and makeup for my instagram pictures, but I rarely ever dress up for anything. Unless, it is for an event or a special occasion. And that is how I came up with the Instagram vs. Reality meme. Furthermore, after some class discussions I decided to change the title of my meme and call it: “Monday vs. Friday.” Which portrays the stereotypical Monday, versus how people act on Friday’s because it signifies the start of the weekend, where work responsibilities end and the weekend begins.


. The goal was to show that I don’t take myself too seriously and to show that others shouldn’t either

. The second goal was to show how much effort people will put into posting a picture of themselves on instagram

. The third goal was to just make something relatable and somewhat humorous, while playing with the idea of how you look on Mondays (the beginning of the week vs. the weekend) versus, how people will dress up Friday-Sunday.


. The target is to have this video content go viral on all levels of social media platforms.

. The only way to measure this is by views, likes, shares and retweets.


Views: 184

Likes: 21

Shares: 1


In conclusion, I was initially surprised by the amount of views the video received, because I typically don’t get much action on any of my Facebook posts. I think my video did the best on Facebook versus other platforms, because thats where there was the most engagement between the content and followers. I received a few likes on Twitter and two retweets from two of my followers, but compared to other people’s twitter accounts, that doesn’t mean much of anything. I feel that my video was very relatable, and I think that was one of the reasons it did fairly well on Facebook. I am almost at two hundred views, which might not sound like a lot but for me that is, so I am pleased with that. I think overall, my video exceeded my expectations, because one it looks like a real meme video and two I am happy with the amount of views I received. Unfortunately, it fell very short of my expectations of it going viral.

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