What Do Eyebrows Mean To You?

Aside from their natural purpose of filtering against dust, dirt and sweat that might get in your eyes, Eyebrows mean so much more.  Like every person, each eyebrow is unique. Here’s a video that explores what it means to have your eyebrows ON FLEEK.

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5 thoughts on “What Do Eyebrows Mean To You?

  1. This video was awesome!! It was engaging content and the music made it so that I couldn’t look away. I get a better sense of what it means to have eyebrows on fleek. It was a great idea to incorporate facts into the video to make it more educational. Eyebrows have always been a weird concept to me and it is interesting that they are cleaning devices. They serve a bigger purpose than I had thought.
    I’m curious what video application you used to create the video, as I am technology illiterate.

  2. Love this video. Eyebrows are so weird to think about and its so cool that eyebrows mean more. Its so true that eyebrows show personality too!

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more eyebrows are extremely important! You picked a very relevant fun topic and went with it in a creative direction! The music and editing made this a very entertaining video, yet you were still able to make it informative by placing facts throughout the video. Great job!

  4. With my friends eyebrows are always on topic of conversation (I know kinda weird) but we’re always discussing the proper arch and length of your eyebrow so I loved your video and everything it had to say!

  5. I totally agree that eyebrows express personality, and how someone chooses to do their eyebrows can say a lot about them- I also think they are a strong feature when it comes to facial expressions. Cool thing to think about!

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