What is SA? A Crash Course

6 thoughts on “What is SA? A Crash Course

  1. Quincy,

    I really enjoyed this crash course on Syracuse’s Student Association. I agree that not enough students are aware of SA and the impact it has on our campus. So incredible that you are a part of it as well! Thank you for giving me a better understanding their roles and responsibilities and I will definitely keep up with the SA more now!

  2. Quincy,
    I think that you picked a great topic and it was very informative! I liked how you talked about a topic that we all benefit from. I never knew much about the student association, but I think that you two did a great job conveying their role and what they can do to help us as students.

  3. Quincy,
    Such a great idea for this blog post. Especially with regard to merging Syracuse University interests and our NHSMC classmates, I love how you addressed certain confusions about SU’s Student Association. I feel like I’ve heard about Student Association over and over again, but it was great to actually have someone break it down so that I could understand it even more. I just wish you had a bit more time to go over more of the critical things you guys do on campus. But, overall, a really great job! I’m interested to see if people watching this will be more inclined to get involved with SU’s Student Association!

  4. Hey Quincy,
    Great topic idea. I feel like a lot of people are aware of SA but don’t really know what the association are about. Your points of clarification about SA were super clear and so the video was very informative. I also loved the fact that you had a guest featuring in your video. The dynamic between the two of you made the video more interesting to watch. Additionally, the sound was super clear on the video and the visuals were great.

  5. First of all, it’s just incredible to see how many different organizations there are on campus. This is only my second year here and it seems like every day I am discovering something new.
    It’s also really reassuring to know that organizations like this exist with a sole interest of representing the students. It’s nice knowing that behind the scenes there is a body that has our interests in mind. It’s also really cool to see how structured and professional SA is. It seems like an organization that takes a lot of work, with members that take their jobs really seriously. Thanks for the crash course!

  6. Quincy! Such a great idea to have a breakdown of one of the most important collectives of students on campus. I feel the same way about my student org, that lack of knowledge of our intent on campus causes a lot of controversy. But I believe that with videos like this one, organizations like SA’s goal is more publicly known and ultimately, will help students in the long run. Great job!

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