Where’s the Diversity? WWE?!

If you weren’t already aware of the issues, well now you are. World Wrestling Entertainment has been slacking when it comes to pushing minorities into the spotlight. I mean, can you think of the last time that a person of color was the in the spotlight besides Roman Reigns and Naomi? Yeah, I haven’t either. There are talented athletes of color in the WWE, but they haven’t received a pushed from the WWE. What are your thoughts? Do you see the issues? Does it matter? Are you even a fan?

One thought on “Where’s the Diversity? WWE?!

  1. I liked you video, Alan. It was like kinda cool. Like really. You used that word a lot lol. I would have liked to see some pop ups of the guys you mentioned. I’m not a big WWE fan anymore, I have no clue who they are.

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