Which Harry Potter Inspired Shot Are You? Let us Help You Find Out

For our CrowdTangle assignment, we chose this video posted to BuzzFeed Quiz’s Facebook page:

It did very well on BuzzFeed Quiz’s Facebook:

We chose to select this topic because we felt it had some important elements to help it do well. For example, the Harry Potter franchise touches many people, and there are die-hard fans across the globe. Harry Potter is something that resonates with many people, and therefore is a topic that tends to do extremely well by hitting that nostalgia and emotion for viewers. This particular video alludes to the certain houses withing Harry Potter as well. Many people are incredibly loyal to their “house” and have probably taken many personality and sorting hat quizzes to determine in which house they belong. This is another reason this video is probably so popular. It is relatable because people want to see what kind of shot they should be taking based on their house. There is also a shareability to this content. You know your friend is a huge Potter fan too but they are in Hufflepuff while you are in Ravenclaw? Share this video with them to show how much better your shot will taste than theirs. Or share with other members of Ravenclaw to tell them you all need to try this together. This video truly hit many points of success for BuzzFeed.

AJ Gersh, Haley Jones, Sasha Levin, Lindsay Schiffman

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