Who Doesn’t Love Curly Fries?


My objective for this marketing plan was to reach 500 views on Imgur and to get 10 points on Imgur. Other goals I had for my marketing plan was to receive positive feedback on my meme both through social media and in real life. Positive feedback on social media would mean exceeding my objectives and getting additional likes on other platforms, such as Twitter.

Imagur Meme

Curly Fry

Twitter Webcard

Twitter Ads Engagement

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Final Analysis

My campaign did surprisingly well right from the start. As soon as I posted my meme on Imgur, I shared it to the community. This got me almost to 500 views within hours. I started my Twitter Ads campaign later that day, although I do not think it actually went live until the following day. I was not sure what to do about the daily budget, so I set it at $2, with the total spend being $5 which might have thrown off some of the metrics. Overall, by the end of the Twitter campaign I had gained 378 impressions and my ad spend ending up being only $3. I tried adjusting the campaign in the middle to target a larger audience and add additional promoted and organic tweets to strengthen the campaign, but it seemed to have the most success in the beginning days. Additionally, I shared my meme to the community multiple times, which I think helped with the views. When I checked my meme on April 10th, it had 2,300+ views, although on April 11th, from my end, it has 718 views, which still exceeds my objective. I also had 23 points on Imgur, although right now it shows I have 9. I am perplexed by the way Imgur works, as it does not make sense why the same number of views would not always just show up for an image. Overall, I think my campaign was successful thanks to Imgur’s share to community. Twitter Ad’s definitely helped me get more views than I thought I originally would, but it is not that user friendly and could be easier to use.

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