Marketing Campaign Analysis

Objective I created an internet meme that would reach and be relatable to college seniors across the world that lost their senior spring. More specifically, Syracuse University seniors would feel a strong connection to my meme and want to engage with it. My objective for my marketing plan to go up 200 views on Imgur […]

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Influence Growth & Analysis

Influence Throughout the semester,  I learnt a lot about Twitter, Twitter analytics, and ways to be efficient when posting or searching. I definitely feel much more comfortable with Twitter now, and feel I understand it much better. I started a brand new account at the beginning of the semester, with 0 followers. I now have […]

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Is Carol Baskin The Only Issue?

It’s the show everyone cannot stop talking about, Tiger King. I haven’t spoken to one person that hasn’t watched it or heard of it, and I can’t scroll through my social media without seeing conspiracy theories and thoughts on the documentary. As portrayed through these 6 tweets, most people are talking about Carol Baskin- the […]

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Offensive or Funny? Where Do We Draw The Line? — Dark Memes (@DarkDarkMemes) December 12, 2018 pretty much 💁‍♀️#coronavirus #WW3 — Zagie (@Zagiexo) January 28, 2020   Today, social media acts as the respected informal medium for communication. A popular new way to engage and spread ideology on social media is through memes. An internet meme is usually a simple photo […]

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