#Woke100 Trending

Essence magazine recently released its may issue cover revealing its list of 100 woke women. The issue sparked the start of the #Woke100 hashtag trending on Twitter. The hashtag was widely used by Twitter users, exemplifying mixed reviews and encouraged a since of community surrounding this groundbreaking issue.

While some celebrated Essence for being nuanced, insightful and a wealth of black girl magic, others called attention to the issue’s downfalls. From controversial mentions to names of women that readers thought should be included, the #Woke100 helped to bring to the surface all of the feelings and opinions that the Essence cover evoked.

Though competing views were expressed and some of the woke listers may be considered to be controversial, #Woke100 was able to create a conversation as well as highlight women that are truly making a difference and greatly influencing society. For that, Essence and this hashtag should be celebrated. (Maybe next time they’ll include a poll.)

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