You Ready to Chill?



The 5×5 card centered on the idea of “Netflix and Chill”, as shown above, was created through Adobe Illustrator and my crafty glitter skills. I printed it on cardstock paper at the local Kinkos to add additional weight to glue to not seep through the paper. I then went ahead and added glitter to certain parts of the snowmen and on the TV to add a little bit of sparkle to the winter scene.


“Netflix and Chill” is a term used to reference “hooking up” and is said among various college students on a daily basis. I am hoping to encourage engagement between college students between the ages of 18-24. I believe this bracket will appreciate the dual meaning of “Netflix and Chill” and will generate interest due to this clever play on words.

Even though this card is targeted towards college students, I also believe it will resonate with a variety of different consumers, specifically those who have recently graduated college. This age bracket of people still are trendy and understand the connotation that is being reached. Therefore, I think they would be an added target who would create some engagement.

Engagement Creation

I believe that my “Netflix and Chill” creation will create of lot of engagement on my various social media accounts. As of today, I have 323 followers on my Twitter, 438 on my Instagram, 6 followers on Pinterest and 890 friends on Facebook. With the power of my social media followers I believe I can be extremely successful.

Even though I have a fairly strong following on my social media accounts, I plan on adding strategic hashtags to create more engagement. This will allow me to capture as many people as possible who might not be in my target audience, but at least understand what my card is talking about. Additionally, I hope that the engagement I create on these social media platforms will go beyond what I intended in order to reach a wider spread age bracket.

One of the hashtags I plan on using during the duration, is #NetflixandChill. Looking at the recent Tweets, even L.A. Weekly is using the hashtag which means the term is one to use.

While the hashtag is not currently trending, it is one that is used fairly often. At 12:17am, on November 11th, it received 13 tweets in the past half hour.

I also plan on using the hashtag #Netflix to engage with more Netflix users and also a few others such as #giftideas and #tistheseason to attract to a wider audience who may be looking for gift ideas.

As far as the class hashtag #nhsmc, I hope that my classmates retweet and favorite my 5×5 card. I believe that my classmates will enjoy my card and find it at the very least funny and get a little chuckle out of it.


In the end, I believe my content will go viral because of my social following, my target of college students between 18-24 and the ability to use hashtags to appeal to a wider audience. This funny pun of chilling is something I know people will be doing this holiday season.

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One thought on “You Ready to Chill?

  1. I really like the viral content you created for this project. I thought the visual was clever given the time of year and the popularity of Netflix and Chill. I also thought the hashtags you chose to use were well thought-out and strategic because this time of year people are starting to think of gift ideas/the holidays and I could imagine that those hashtags would have an increased following around now. One other thing you could have done was included weekly hashtags on some of your posts because those typically trend and I found that many of my tweets that used those weekly hashtags had a higher number of engagements than those that did not.

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