Politicians – Drop the name calling and tell us what you stand for

  Today’s political world and media world are locked in constant battle debating what’s “fake news” and what isn’t. Instead of spending time reading the news for information about a politician’s platform, the public is now spending time trying to decipher who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody […]

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Who Runs the World? Facebook

Facebook has exploded since I made my first photo album on the social media platform back in eighth grade. About eight years later, Facebook’s non-threatening interface and promise of instant communication gratification has people all over the world logging on. With 2 billion users, Facebook has a population larger than any country in the world. […]

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Cultivation Theory and Priming Theory

Cultivation theory and Priming theory from Ruochen Jiang   We introduced the Cultivation theory and the Priming theory. In culturing theory, television plays a role in cultivating and shaping people’s perception of reality (Twente, 2018). People feel fear after they receive too much crime news. For example, Zhang Yingying case. In addition, children’s games, violent […]

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Framing and Use & Gratification Theory

Framing + U&G (PDF) from ssuserd600ec Framing Theory is defining the way media and media gatekeepers organize and present the events and issues they cover, and the way audiences interpret what they are provided (“UT”,2018), while Use and Gratification Theory indicates that media customers as active mediating factors in functional analysis of media effects. The […]

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