My Top 10 Tweets

“Tweet, tweet, tweet” is supposed to be a bird’s sound and used to name for Twitter. The name has the blood of the bird that deliver the messages all over the world. To be honest, it is my first time truly to use Twitter to post. Thus I am going to analyze top 10 Twitters […]

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My Growth Through The Semester

Well the time is here and it is time to analyze my twitter growth. I started the semester with 293 followers and ended with 374. This was a 28% increase with a total of 81 new twitter followers. My Klout score also increased from 39 to 44 during this time. There are many moving variables […]

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Technique and Influence Analysis

Below are my top ten tweets from class this semester. I’ve included analytics on impressions/engagement for each tweet, as well as a brief summary on what my technique was. It was a pleasure looking back on these tweets and knowing that I gained a greater understanding of what makes for an engaging post! A much […]

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#NHsmtp Top 10 Tweets

The Assignment: Throughout the semester we were given the task of tweeting two tweets per week. Each tweet revolved around a different topic and way of engaging with our audience. We tracked our success through Twitter Analytics and Klout to try and outdo ourselves as the semester continued. Below are my top 10 tweets using […]

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I have posted 87 tweets since the start of this class. Many of those tweets where some of the most popular and engaging tweets that I have ever been able to create. Over the semester my Klout score went from 45 up to 50 and I gained 23 followers on Twitter. Here is a list […]

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My Top 10 Tweets

Taking this class has helped me gain so much knowledge of social media. I’ve gained 10 followers. My Top 10 tweets of the semester were a good mixture of different things. I found that the tweets with the most engagement all had media of some sort; be it a photo, or sharing a snapchat shot. […]

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Top 10 Tweets

These are my top 10 tweets of the semester. Overall, I’m not surprised these were the top ten, because most of them are responses to things happening or I was engaging in an event, hashtag, or with someone. Usually, I include hashtags in important tweets (for example, when doing travel tuesday I will tag it […]

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My Top 10 Twitter Engagements

Throughout the semester, I’ve produced a collection of tweets that have received different levels of engagement, and thereby caused my Twitter network to grow. Below, I’ve listed my top 10 most engaging tweets. I’ve also included analytics that explain the engagement of each tweet beyond favorites or retweets. #NHsmc The 1st day of class @ […]

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