Once Upon a Time

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“Once upon a time…” you have definitely heard that phrase once or twice. It is always the beginning of what seems to be an interesting and exciting story and just with that you have opened the doors of imagination to a story that only you have the power of deciding its fate. How interesting it is that first sentence of every story. It sets the tone and voice of what the next trail of words will unveil. It can make you either dive right in or hesitate about you’re next move.

I sometimes find myself questioning why is it that I like some stories better than others. What makes a great story? It definitely means something different to whomever you have the chance to ask that question. For me, a great story must have a great voice. I am a big fan of the saying “It is not what you say but how you say it” I apply it to everything in my life. Your voice and tone can have a great impact in the content of what you are trying to express. It can hint fear, happiness, sarcasm, irony, sadness, whatever emotion you want to portray. The best part of it is that you only do it with words. No other senses are being used. You are left with words and your imagination.

A great thing about storytelling is being able to communicate emotions and opinions to the reader. Keeping them interested is the biggest challenge; therefore the tone and voice play a big role. The art of storytelling can go such a long way. People are moved by stories, they share them with their friends, they say what they think about it, what they like what the don’t like and most importantly they can feel real emotions towards it.

In an article by Riley Gibson he tells us a bit more on how to master The art of Storytelling and how it can impact your business. This is huge for advertisers too. Advertising is an industry where you’re main objective is to be relevant to your audience and make them feel a type of connection with your brand, with what you stand for. He mentions how stories are memorable. When your content is compelling to your audience it becomes memorable to them. It let’s them relate to it and develop a connection.

He also mentions how stories travel faster. I know that if I like a story I will definitely tell it to my friends and share it. Word of mouth goes a long way and if you can develop a strong message within your story people will not forget it. Finally,  he mentions how stories can inspire action. Probably for advertisers this one is the most important. As a storyteller you want you audience to feel something and ultimately want them to engage with your brand and buy your product. This is where one of my favorite ads comes along. Extra’s gum father daughter moment. (Yes, I’m a daddy’s girl).

Storytelling at its best can get you a long way. Your audience will love it (if done right) and maybe it will get to be that “Once upon a time…” that nobody forgets.

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