My top tweets

How cool would it be to have a lot of followers on Twitter?!  Well with this class I have learned how to improve my social media presence on Twitter along with other different platforms. Here are my top 10 tweets and what made them work better than others. This was the tweet with the most […]

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Two weeks ago the exciting city of Paris was attacked by terrorist from ISIS in an attacks that killed around 125 people. Since then, people’s sentiments have been felt around social media in order to show support and sympathy to the people that were suffering from great loses of people they loved. Platforms like Facebook […]

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[pin_widget url=””]   A lot of the times I go back home I find myself going to the beach in my free time. I always try to be that artsy friend that takes casual pics at the beach to hopefully gets the likes on that Insta game. Yeah, I get teased a lot. It happens. When […]

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Once Upon a Time

“Once upon a time…” you have definitely heard that phrase once or twice. It is always the beginning of what seems to be an interesting and exciting story and just with that you have opened the doors of imagination to a story that only you have the power of deciding its fate. How interesting it […]

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Oh, You Were Talking to Me?!

In the busy world we live today the average attention span is about 8.2 seconds. You might be asking yourself, how do we ever get stuff done? I personally don’t know. I’m constantly looking at my phone, texting, switching to Facebook, getting notifications from Instagram, running into something random so I have to SnapChat it […]

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