Personal Influence Growth and Analysis/Top 10 Tweets

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  • Twitter Follower Growth

Overall, I ended up having 2,000% follower growth. I initially had one follower at the start of the current semester but had 20 more followers as of April-23-2017.

  • Klout Score Change

I started with the basic score 10 but ended up scoring 32.18 as of April-21-2017

  • Discussion

Various tactics, which were suggested in the classes, have been used to increase the number of followers: retweeting, targeting authoritative accounts, using popular hashtags, using image, and etc. Of the tactics, targeting and citing authoritative accounts (e.g., major academic conference accounts and VR expertise accounts) and attaching popular hashtags (e.g., VR & AR) with embedded images turned out to be the most successful methods in growing the number of followers. In addition, a tweet which embedded the “twitter poll” also turned out to be useful in increasing the engagement. Meanwhile, the tweets that only used general hashtags (e.g., #socialmedia) mostly did not work successfully. At the same time, the tweets that were mostly about my personal interest and life without any intriguing images led to a failure in attracting the potential follwers.

In terms of the Klout score, having one of the top 10 influencers in my field (recommended by Klout) as a follower on March 28th seemed to be a crucial factor in affecting the score change. I tried to tweet some posts that were about VR and AR in order to appeal that I have some research backgrounds and insights on the issue after following the authoritative user, and successfully made him (@RoblemVR) follow me back.



1. I used the photo collage function to embed the photos taken during this spring break. I also tried to put some hashtags in Korean to increase the engagement of the tweet. Overall, the number of impressions was 311 and there were three engagements, including two like and one hashtag click.

2. I promoted my research paper, which will be presented at the International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference, by quoting the tweet posted by the ICA twitter account. The tweet did not have any engagement but the number of impressions was quite high―206.

3. I tweeted a post about the trending news in social media industry, quoting the article published by TechCrunch. I also tried to be humorous to increase the engagement, and the results showed that my strategy was quite successful: 205 impressions and five engagements (three detail expands, one like, and one hashtag clicks).

4. I tagged an account of AEJMC, which is one of the biggest associations in communication discipline, to increase the number of followers. I also included a photo showing that the @AEJMC account ranked top among my influential followers to appeal to @AEJMC. The results were successful, and I was able to get the account’s reply: 148 impressions and 18 engagements (seven detail expands, five media engagements, two replies, two likes, one link click, and one profile click).

5. I tried to use the “moments” tool in twitter, which allows me to scrape tweets that are of my interest and publish. I made a theme that includes creative and funny advertisements. I also used “#f4f” hashtag to promote my account. Overall, I had 146 impressions and one engagement (one like) with this tweet.

6. I quoted a tweet about real-time marketing published by “@SustainCreative” and used “#trending” hashtag to increase the number of impressions. I had 142 impressions and one engagement (one like) with this tweet.

7. I promoted a tweet about social media marketing strategy by quoting @BailamaP’s post, who owns the number one marketing review blog. I also included “Marketing” hashtag to attract users who are interested in marketing. Overall, I had 139 impressions and nine engagements (seven detail expands, one retweet, and one like).

8. I tried to engage with @AEJMC account and attract scholars who are interested in submitting their papers to the AEJMC annual conference. I quoted a tweet published by @AEJMC about the call for paper information and promoted the tweet with some embellishing words. As a result, I was able to get 137 impressions and nine engagements (seven details, one like, and one profile click).

9. I posted a tweet noting that one of the top ten influencers in my area had followed me back. I included a screenshot of his account in order to appeal that I am a person worth following. I also included some popular hashtags such as “#VR” and “#AR”. With this tweet, I was able to get a total of 118 impressions and seven engagements (three likes, three detail expands, and one media engagement).

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