How #MAGA Divided Twitter

We all know 2016 has been a tumultuous year, from the Apoca-Election to a string of deaths from heroes and celebrities alike. The one tragedy no one predicted to divide the country (not on the color of a dress) was the 2016 Election.  The candidates, vastly different, issues, couldn’t have been more dire, and the constituents, […]

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Sorry but not sorry

Trending on twitter earlier today was the hashtag #ThingsIWontApologizeFor. To me this seemed like a very silly hashtag, and naturally I wanted to see what this conversation was all about. A lot of what people were tweeting about included not apologizing for being themselves. #ThingsIWontApologizeFor (and you shouldn't either) — Kait 🌈 || 43 […]

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Twitter: The New Political Hotbed

With the campaigns of each of the 2016 candidates in full-swing, the Twitter landscape has become the new town hall: a place for people from all backgrounds and ideologies to voice their political ideologies and be heard. President Barrack Obama won his elections in 2008 and 2012 with impressive social media campaigns that dwarfed those […]

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#Trump Showcases Many Opposing Views

I have chosen to analyze ten tweets that use the “#trump” hashtag, as I believe they collectively bring to light one of social media’s most important purposes –promoting conversation. First of all, Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency has undoubtedly been continuously prominent in the media for some time now. He is most definitely controversial, and […]

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The 2016 presidential debate in going on full swing and the hashtag that is one to take a look at is none other but #Trump2016.  With a collection of both positive and negative tweets, Trump is a candidate that is being tweeted about all over the nation.

Live Tweets


From this collection of live tweets, it is evident that Donald Trump, regardless if you are for or against him is one to be talked about.  His social media presence is higher than any other and on September 29th, he had the highest campaign digital campaign score of 75, according to The Week.  The collection of #Trump2016 tweets are both positive and negative, some Twitter users are just putting their opinions out, and other tweets are from activist groups like @SoCal4Trump and @HispanicsTrump.  #Trump2016 also includes tweets from the presidential candidate himself, @realDonaldTrump. There is also a collection of negative tweets within the hashtag, which creates engagement with people who dislike Trump and brings another view to the hashtag feed.  Overall, #Trump2016 for the most part show that Donald Trump has doing well in the race with consistent poll updates, updates on where Trump is campaigning and supporters showing what Trump is saying during his debates that make him a good candidate.

Regardless of any political views on Donald Trump, it is important to realize that #Trump2016 is gaining constant attraction on Twitter and it seems that he will continuously gain attraction until the primary elections where Donald Trump’s fate will be decided.

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Sorry Shonda

  Think back to the last thing your friend showed you on Vine, Facebook, or Twitter. Was it a funny video, a photo with a clever caption, or a prank gone wrong? Humor is a commonality among so much viral content because people love a quick laugh. Funny content provides a moment of relief from […]

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