Sorry but not sorry

Trending on twitter earlier today was the hashtag #ThingsIWontApologizeFor. To me this seemed like a very silly hashtag, and naturally I wanted to see what this conversation was all about. A lot of what people were tweeting about included not apologizing for being themselves.

In just these few tweets I understood that this hashtag was about standing up for who you are, what you believe in, and to stop feeling bad about what other people might think of you. Kudos to the person who created this hashtag.

I also saw that people where tweeting out that they aren’t sorry for who they voted for in the election. And were joining this conversation to let their followers know that they have no shame.



Then there were the silly tweeter users, the ones I was hoping to come across this whole time, that apologized for random things. Things that probably didn’t need to be apologized for in the first place, but more power to them for joining the conversation.



These people are the real MVPs of this conversation.


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