Viral Content Challenge: Part 2

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I will be promoting my Buzzfeed Community Post “17 Times We’ve All Wanted To Throw A Christmas Day Hissy Fit” through three different forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. I will use a $5 budget for a Twitter card to promote my Buzzfeed post starting on Friday, December 2nd. I will include a Facebook Live post recounting my worst Christmas Day hissy fit experiences with a fr by my side. By using as many social media platforms as possible (but with the same target audience in mind), I will aim to make my community post go viral.


  • The main objective of this assignment is to attract an audience of around 1,000 college students to my Buzzfeed post.


  • Small goal: reach at least 50 clicks in the first two days
  • Large goal: reach at least 1,000 clicks by the end of the campaign


Within the first night of the post, I had 60 views. However, my social lift was only 1.1. I found that it was quite challenging to get a higher social lift. I attached two screenshots of my dashboard results to show that while overall I had 83 views, towards the end of the campaign my social lift went way up with my last tweet. I found that my latest tweet, on December 5, which I prefaced as a break to finals week, gave me the most social lift. I was able to end my campaign with a social lift of 2.8 thanks to that post.

As I would have predicted, I received the most viral views on December 2nd and December 3rd, which is when my Twitter Web Card was promoted. As you can see, during that time frame there is a large increase. Of course, the largest increase in regular views came on the first day with my initial twitter post.

It became very clear to me that twitter works far better than any other social media platform when it comes to views. My twitter posts are what gave me views, while Facebook and Snapchat accounted for a very small amount of my views.

Clearly, to my disappointment, my post did not go viral. This is likely because my images were not as well thought out and relevant as they could have been. It was challenging to find gifs and still images that went along with my posts. I also think, in hindsight, that my posts are still too complex. As we discussed in class, people want something simple. I think as I continue in my efforts to go viral, I will go much simpler with more ‘would you rather’ posts instead of listicles.


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