Man Bun Viral Challenge: Part 2


The Man Bun Campaign was inspired by my strong love for man buns. Man buns are a relatively new trend and hairstyle that many men seem to be taking part in and many women and other men seem to be liking. Man buns are simply a hairstyle, but have become more than that on social media. There are various Twitter and Instagram accounts, @manbunmonday is one of my favorites, that regularly post photos of attractive men with man buns. The BuzzFeed poll I created that drives this campaign is titled “Do You Actually Prefer Man Buns Or Short Hair On Guys?” It allows poll takers to decide which hairstyle they like best on a celebrity, either a man bun or short hair. The Man Bun Social Media Marketing Plan Campaign seeks to promote this post and get it in front of people who care deeply about man buns.



The main objective of this campaign and assignment is to use Twitter Ad Website Cards to increase involvement with the BuzzFeed post in order to get it promoted and go VIRAL! After all, this is called the Viral Content Challenge. By creating two unique Twitter Ad Cards and an original photo and video for my BuzzFeed post on man buns, I hope to drive clicks and engagement on both the tweets and Facebook post supporting the post and the post itself, which is most important.




Twitter Webcard: 

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I found that the Twitter Ad Campaign allowed my post to reach a wider audience than if I had normally tweeted it out on my personal account. Currently, I only have 34 Twitter followers, but with the ad campaign, I was able to make 3,184 impressions overall. I also noticed that tagging relevant accounts really helped promote my post. For example, I tagged @ManbunGoals (an account with a significant number of followers) in one of my tweets, and they actually retweeted my tweet promoting my post. By tagging related accounts and hashtags, I received likes, retweets, and post engagements that I would not have received otherwise.

However, my goal was to go viral and reach at least 30,000 views, but that did not happen. I think I was too focused on creating a perfect campaign that mimicked other BuzzFeed posts and didn’t keep it original. Although I wasn’t able to get my post promoted this time around, I will continue writing BuzzFeed community posts to hopefully go viral one day!

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