0 to 37 in 3.5

I started out the semester with zero followers on Twitter. Now after also three and a half months, I have 37. That may not seem like a lot of followers but it is a lot more than I started with. It was hard to get followers in the beginning. Mostly, either people from the class or random social media people would follow me.

I started to see a large growth of followers when I started my Twitter list, Do It (For) Yourself, a mixture of DIY pages and inspirational pages. After that, I started to get follows from a lot of random craft pages. Hence, the Twitter list really helped my follower growth.

That being said, even though I gained all of these new followers, the majority of my content was not related to that. My posts were generally social media or popular news/culture related. Therefore, I did not get as much engagement as I would have hoped for. Perhaps I can cater more to those types of pages for more engagement. Or I can make a Twitter list of pages that relate more to what I like to talk about on Twitter.

As of now, my Klout score is 28. The highest it’s been this semester is a 32.04.

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