The Chick-fil-A Scandal

Chick-fil-A became a viral political hashtag after the company announced that it would no longer be donating to organizations that are anti-LGBTQ. Chick-fil-A is known to be a Christian owned company, but after protests from the LGBTQ community, owners have decided to cut off donations to The Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, […]

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Blog Post #3

The #NotAgainSU movement has grown on Twitter and at one point, was trending in New York. Most of the people using #NotAgainSU are in agreement about the events that have occurred on Syracuse University’s campus, which include 11 racist and anti-semitic attacks in the span of about one week. #NotAgainSU is meant to call attention […]

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Blog 3 Post

I looked up the hashtag #HistoryWillRememberDonaldTrump as the relevant discussion as his impeachment stays a national current news topic. This hashtag was also on the trending page on 11/19/19. Here are the following 6 tweets.

Most of these tweets fall into the same category: those in support of his impeachment. I found two tweets that show support towards Donal Trump, which has proven in the past to be risky when discussing support towards the President on a social platform through the current times. This shows that the opinion about our current President is still divided in the country, and even though his secrets and scandals have been exposed and covered by the press, some choose to stick by him while others show their support towards impeachment. Personal opinions aside, those who seem to support him stick to the facts, while those who long for impeachment look beyond the facts and more towards his character and his actions and behaviors on top of what he hasn’t done for our country and the negativity he has brought to the image of our country.

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In light of racist events and hate speech splattered across Syracuse University, students, faculty, news outlets, and more are posting #NotAgainSU. The hashtag calls for Syracuse University Administration to effectively handle these hate crimes unlike past incidents including the assault on Ackerman Avenue and the Theta Tau fraternity scandal. After a white supremacist manifesto airdropped […]

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  On November 12, 2019 Israel was attacked with over 200 rockets from militants in the Gaza strip. The rockets came after Israel confirmed the killing of top Islamic Jihad leader, Bahaa Abu al-Ata in an air raid at his home in Gaza city. Israel’s Defense Force tweeted on November 12 announcing that they had successfully […]

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About that new Joker movie…

Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix? The Dark Knight’s Joker or Arthur Fleck’s Joker? People flocked to theaters this October to see if Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker would measure up to Health Ledger’s Academy Award winning Joker. After seeing the new Joker movie, diehard fans took to Twitter with the hashtag #JokerMovie to voice their support or […]

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Are You Still Eating at Chick-Fil-A?

Yesterday, Chick-fil-A broke the news that their company is no longer making donations to anti-LGBTQ+ organizations. According to CNN Business, Chick-Fil-A will no longer donate to “the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).” This news sparked buzz all over many social media platforms, especially on Twitter where #ChickfilA was trending. The announcement […]

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