Blog Post #3

The #NotAgainSU movement has grown on Twitter and at one point, was trending in New York. Most of the people using #NotAgainSU are in agreement about the events that have occurred on Syracuse University’s campus, which include 11 racist and anti-semitic attacks in the span of about one week. #NotAgainSU is meant to call attention to these attacks and to the lack of action taken by administration to provide a safe and equal campus for minorities. While the general use of the hashtag is to call attention to the attacks, there is one group of users (primarily students close to the issue) using the hashtag to call attention to the root of the problem: the administration’s lack of action taken to better the campus and lack of communication with students on the issue.

The other group, (mainly those more removed from the issue), is often using the hashtag to highlight issues with Greek life, which the #NotAgainSU leaders have tried to stray from, as it diverts attention from the real issue at hand.



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