The Newest Trending Video Game

Click on the video above to get a sneak peek of the new and FREE Call of Duty: Warzone downloadable for Xbox One and PlayStation4!

Click on the video above to hear about the two new game modes and where it ranks amongst trending topics on Youtube currently!

The tweet above by the #1 E-Sports Consultant and Insider, Rod Breslau, shows that the game is off to a great start!


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Most Legendary Pond Jump or Gator Food?

Youtube’s trending list features stuntman, Ronnie Mac, attempting the world’s most legendary pond gap. The video titled “Ronnie Mac Visited My House and Attempted the World’s Most Legendary Pond Gap… *BALD EAGLE BOOTER*” has reached almost 30K views and was posted on Cleetus McFarland’s Youtube channel on March 10, 2020. This trend is most likely a result of Mac and McFarland’s already large youtube following as well as the awe-inspiring content. Want to find out of Mac ends up as gator food? Check out this short clip on the video!

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