Will Syracuse University go strictly online for the rest of the semester?

The number one topic in the news for the past couple of months has been the coronavirus. Individuals have been constantly checking on the latest cases of the virus, as far as which places are infected and ways in which you can better your chance of getting the virus. Syracuse University, for the past couple of weeks, has also been updating its students and staff on the latest news on what the university is going to do and put into place to protect the university. A number of schools have debated sending their students home, and this afternoon, Syracuse finally notified all students and staff that we will not be coming back right after spring break, we will be coming back a least by March 30th. With the coronavirus being a huge topic of discussion and trend, I decided to address the decision made on Syracuse campus today.

Here is my YouTube explainer on Syracuse combating the coronavirus:

One thought on “Will Syracuse University go strictly online for the rest of the semester?

  1. Hi, Lucille! I think you did a great job explaining what is going on in the world right now and how it has affected our education. Of course, since this blog and video have been posted, we all know now that Syracuse University will not be returning for the rest of the semester, along with essentially every other college in the United States. For people who do not attend our university, I think videos like the one you have made are great to give people an inside look at how our university has dealt with the coronavirus and has remained committed to giving us a proper education. It will be interesting to see how next semester, Fall 2020, will play out as well after this semester concludes. Many people have even begun speculating already that we will not be going back until October, or that we won’t be going back at all! I know some universities already have a plan in place for this. I am confident that this trending topic won’t die down any time soon, and I appreciate the great job you did at sharing this information with myself and the other viewers!

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