A Meme That Attempted to Win All of Our Hearts

I had sought out on a quest to obtain virality with one rather iconic image of Obama taken by yours truly. In that journey, the idea was to connect an aspect of student life that was relatable to the send off of the former administration.

Obama Skips Class Too

The attempt resulted in the image above, taken by storm on social media, or so I had hoped.


I strived for my meme achieve the following goals:

  • Grow my Twitter audience and following by obtaining 10 new followers in one week
  • Increase engagement with my followers and within my community
  • Use my photo to gain exposure and create a brand for myself as a political photographer

Unfortunately to my misunderstanding, I put my budget to $10 and incorrectly set up my campaign. Therefore, my campaign only allotted the money to be used over one day because of the settings I had chosen by mistake. After consulting with my constituents (aka Ariel), we decided to analyze organically sent out Tweets and take note of the one campaign that ran.

I was pleased with the level of engagement from this initial Webcard Tweet. It seemed that the meme had taken off.

View post on imgur.com

I realize that this method threw off the analyzation tactic, but I was able to problem solve and make do. I noticed that what worked great was asking a question in an organic Tweet. This made viewers more curious and thus, more likely to click on the link because they wanted to see how the link pertained to the question. By simply stating what the meme is about, I think it gave too much information all at once, which led people to become less likely to click on the link because they felt that they already had enough information with the Tweet in it of itself. The graphic below demonstrates that the Tweet with a question gained the most engagement during the campaign. This post was also Tweeted at 3:00 pm on a Saturday, a point in the week where students are most idle and have the time to browse Twitter. I think the broad hashtags also helped bring in engagement because these hashtags cover a wide range of topics, bringing in a diverse audience.

Organic Tweet Analysis 

At the end of the campaign, I noticed that my meme gained 390 view on Imgur. I was happy to see this because my marketing plan had an initial goal of 250 views. I also noticed that I gained two new followers during this campaign.

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