A Semester in Review: My Top Tweets

Tweet #1 Evaluation: I evaluated this tweet based on the engagement. The four likes I received on this tweet (it may not seem like a lot- but it’s a lot more than I normally get!) is a sign that people appreciated the content. I think this had a lot to do with the striking and eye catching videos of an exotic location. According to Twitter Analytics, it received 277 impressions and 36 engagements.

Tweets #2 & 3 Evaluation: These two tweets are two examples of the unique hashtag that I created. While I wasn’t able to find it via hashtracking, each received some likes and two friends that I follow on Twitter used the hashtag the following Wednesday on their own Twitter feed with their own untranslatable word. Finding a hashtag that no one has yet created took awhile, but I used hashtracking and the Twitter search feed to test out a lot of options until I finally found that #WorldlyWordsWednesday was available. The first received 110 impressions and 3 engagements, and the second received 187 impressions and 4 engagements. My goal is to keep using this hashtag and perhaps include something engaging like a picture to get people to start using this hashtag every week.

Tweet #4 Evaluation: I used Social Rank to determine my most influential Twitter follower, who at the time happened to be Aaron Carter. To create the maximum engagement with him, I used a picture that I happened to have of the two of us from when I met him at a theatre event years ago. Although Aaron didn’t engage with my tweet, it received 5 likes and was even featured in the class powerpoint the next day! Earned 283 impressions and 66 engagements.

Tweet #5 Evaluation: This tweet was done for our assignment of creating a picture collage. However, I also used it as an opportunity to advertise for the Study Abroad Open House that upcoming Saturday. While it only got two likes, I got two messages on Twitter from prospective study abroad students asking about Studying Abroad and the Open House. I thought it was awesome that I was able to communicate with these students via Twitter! It recieved 237 impressions and 17 engagements according to Twitter Analytics.

Tweet #6 Evaluation: This is the first video that I ever posted to Twitter. It recieved 207 impressions and 20 engagements according to Twitter Analytics. I created this video to showcase an advertising ethics award in an attempt to spark a conversation among some new advertising followers I had recently gotten. According to Video Activity Analytics on Twitter Analytics, it received over 30 views during the month that it aired.

Tweet #7 Evaluation: To construct this Tweet, I used a mix of the hashtag #ICYMI and Infogram. Unfortunately, this was my first time using Infogram and instead of embedding the graph, I took a screenshot and am unable to track the clicks on this post. As a result, I learned the impotant lesson that when you have the option, you should always embed instead of screenshot-ing. However, I do know from Twitter Analytics that this received 194 impressions and 16 engagements.

Tweet #8 Evaluation: This was my top tweet in October according to Twitter Analytics. It received 214 impressions and 9 engagements. Due to the nature of nGram, I wanted to have a simple, easy to read graph so I chose to show social media through the years.

Tweet #9 Evaluation: This was personally one of my favorite tweets of the semester, primarily because it was one of the few times where I tweeted to a influential and famous Twitter user and they responded! (If in fact Otto the Orange does count as famous- I think he does!) I took advantage of the fact that it was near Halloween and photoshopped a picture of Otto the Orange in a Halloween costume, and he not only liked it but tweeted back to me “I love it! Hmm it’s in the discussion.” According to Twitter Analytics, it had 274 impressions and 24 engagements.

Tweet #10 (below) Evaluation: According to Twitter Analytics, this was my Top Tweet so far in December. It recieved 219 Impressions and 34 engagements. I tweeted this for the emoji assignment, and I figured it would be in good interest to include the most popular emoji at that time (according to EmojiTracker). I chose a comical situation to tweet about and used the emoji to further reinforce that emotion.


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