Ten Tremendous Tweets

Here There Be Tweets…10 to be precise.

Over the course of this class, I, along with many others, have been tweeting using our class hashtag, and though I didn’t tweet as often as some of my classmates did, I think my overall engagement was respectable. Here are my top 10/favorite tweets:

Impressions: 482 Engagements: 10 Engagement Rate: 2.1%

This tweet ended up making a lot more impressions that I thought, probably helped out by the fact that it was retweeted twice. I also think that tagging Buzzfeed in the tweet itself only helped my case. While this tweet made a lot of impressions, it didn’t get a lot of engagement and I wonder how much of that is due to the picture associated with the article. In retrospect, if I had added some more hashtags (such as #socialmedia or #Twitter) I might have be able to get more engagements from this tweets.

Impressions: 298 Engagements: 37 Engagement Rate: 12.4%

This tweet was one of my attempts at including multiple images in one tweet and I think that it worked. The first picture was a photo that I took myself when I was watching TV one afternoon and the second photo was one that I found awhile ago when it first started to go viral. I think the combination of the two images really helped this tweet, more than than if I had just tweeted out the two of them separately. I could have tagged both Chipotle and the Yankees in this tweet but I felt like it would have made it too cluttered but I probably should have at least hashtagged them.

Impressions: 137 Engagements: 1 Engagement Rate: .7%

So clearly, this wasn’t one of my better tweets in terms of engagement but it got its fair share of impressions. Even though I used a popular emoji, I think the traction from this tweet was caused by the #Knicks, which I chose to do because they are popular team that often drives people to Twitter, especially with their new rookie phenom Kristaps Porzingis (who I tweeted about).

Impressions: 261 Engagements: 4 Engagement Rate: 1.5%

For me, if a tweet has a video or a gif, there is a significantly higher chance of me interacting with it. I chose to make this gif from a soccer game between NYCFC and San Jose Earthquakes, where NYCFC combined for a really nice team goal. I was able to find a clip on YouTube and make it into a gif. Of course, I had to tag NYCFC in the tweet and I actually got a favorite from them (woot woot) though I was hoping for a retweet since they have a bunch of followers.

Impressions: 136 Engagements: 8 Engagement Rate: 5.9%

Another attempt from me at trying to figure out which tweets get the most engagement. I retweeted my friend who ran into some SnapChat issues and quoted it, hoping that the quoted tweet would gain more traction than a normal retweet. While that strategy worked, I should have hashtagged and/or tagged SnapChat for more interaction.

Impressions: 211 Engagements: 15 Engagement Rate: 7.1%

Honestly, all the credit from this tweet goes to LaNia. She’s essentially a local celebrity on campus so of course all of my Syracuse followers are going to look at this tweet. The retweet definitely helped with both my impressions and my engagement rate though I think the photo did a lot too. I tried to get a more candid shot of her but between live-tweeting and trying to take a photo, this is what I ended up with (not that its a bad photo).

Impressions: 211 Engagements: 21 Engagement Rate: 10%

This tweet was yet another attempt at me using media to gain some sort of reaction from Twitter. I was home the weekend before I tweeted this and saw an adorable photo of me as a baby (at least I think so) and thought that I should share it with the world. It was only the following day the I realized I forgot to include #NHsmcVoice with this tweet because I was trying to self-promote more than I usually do on Twitter. That being said, it got a pretty decent amount of engagements which just goes to show that baby photos are social media gold.

Impressions: 86 Engagements: 4 Engagement Rate: 4.7%

This is my worst tweet on this list in terms of impressions but I really thought this was a good tweet. I found this quote/photo as I was scrolling around Twitter and found myself laughing out loud and thinking, “Wow, this would be a funny take on #WisdomWednesday”. I was really hoping that the picture, along with the tweet itself, would get a little bit more reaction out of people.

Impressions: 91 Engagements: 5 Engagement Rate: 5.5%

I really tried here, I swear. This was before the Twitter app added the Twitter Poll on my phone so I was left with just posing the question as a normal tweet. I attempted to heavily hashtag it in hopes that it would draw everyone who was following them (they were trending at the time) to vote one way or another. In retrospect, I should have had them retweet for one and then favorite for the other because that might have helped with the engagement level.

Impressions: 406 Engagements: 92 Engagement Rate: 22.7%

And last but not least, my favorite tweet with the class hashtag. I thought this was a great (and funny) exchange between my dad and I that could get some love on Twitter. It turns out I was right because this was my most engaged with tweet for this class and eight likes (or favorites at the time) puts this tweet in my top five tweets of all time. Thanks dad.


Overall, throughout the process of tweeting for this class, I’ve learned a few things about how to drive engagement and what not and going forward it will be extremely useful. Now I know that if I want to get a tweet some engagement, I just slap a baby photo on and hashtag it (I’m only half-kidding).

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