A Viral Campaign About the Campaign: An Analysis


Exceed the required metrics for the assignment and transform my meme from content to viral content.



Twitter Webcard:

Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend:

Final Engagement Number (Twitter and Imgur totals):

64 Twitter engagements

97 Imgur views (see visual below)

161 Total Engagements

Campaign Analysis:

Although I panicked at times searching for my promoted Tweets in my timeline and wondering why my image didn’t get hundreds of views or comments on Imgur right away, I enjoyed the learning curve of creating a piece of viral content. I will say that since my meme was political and in favor of Hillary Clinton during a heated FBI investigation and later a loss in the election, this worked against me, but I was still able to be successful with my metrics. Despite never having used Twitter Ads prior to this campaign, my objective was to exceed the required engagements (30) and I accomplished that by reaching 64. As an avid social media user, I noticed that once I started to spread my Imgur link throughout my iMessage group chats, Facebook groups and amongst my Twitter audience, I was able to generate more views. These people I was targeting outside of my campaign barriers related to the meme, and it was consistent with my voice and other content I’ve posted on my respective platforms.

It was beneficial that my classmates were all going through the same motions, and we were all under the gun, per se, to get as many eyes––clicks, really––on our memes. With the help of #NHsmc curating all of our Tweets into a community of sorts, we were able to easily like and retweet the Twitter webcard Tweets and then go to Imgur to award additional views to one another. Walking away from the viral content challenge, I recognize the importance of strategizing beforehand to reach a campaign objective and additional goals, and this was important to guide myself through the assignment. But the most important element of this process was learning the significance of acting in real time and going with the flow to fit into my audience’s habits and reach them at the right times with the appropriate rhetoric, especially since my meme related to a presidential campaign that I had no control over! Oh, and how could I forget, it was essential to engage with my classmates so I could reap the benefits––er, engagements––in return.


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