Meme-ing My Way to an A

In today’s world, everyone is fighting for one job.  Their biggest goal is to get their resume in front of employers so they can get one step closer to working for their dream company.  In honor of Halloween, I created this meme so college students can relate to it while keep the Halloween spirit alive.

College Students on Halloween


  • To grow my following.
  • Show college friendly, relatable humor to my followers.
  • Be able to have experience with Twitter ads, analytics and promotions.

The tweet above is my webcard made through Twitter Ads.  This is a helpful tool for driving traffic to a website.  You are able to attach high quality media instead of the thumbnail that pops up with the link.

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During my campaign, my engagement reached 51.  This includes clicks to my Imgur post, retweets, and favorites.

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My ad spend was $5.  I ran the campaign for 3 days but it worked out in the end doing it this way.  I calculated how to get the most money out of each day and set the maximum daily budget for $2.

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My overall engagement was much higher than I expected.  The ad spend is where I received most of my engagements.  I’m not surprised by this since my following is small and the promoted tweet reached a much larger audience.

Next Twitter campaign I launch, I would push more tweets and use a higher budget.  Overall, I’m very happy with how it turned out.  My total Imgur views at the end of the campaign was 995 with 14 points and 51 engagements.


4 thoughts on “Meme-ing My Way to an A

  1. I think your meme was great and very funny, I can see why you got so many impressions and so much engagement on it! I think you should keep promoting it and become a professional meme creator 🙂

  2. I loved your meme, I thought it was so funny and probably relevant cause so many of us are looking for jobs/internships. I agree that I would try to have a higher budget if I did this again because the ads helped so much. Overall I think you did a great job!

  3. Matt, you definitely did a great job with your viral content challenge. I really liked that you targeted two topics that were very important for students at that time: looking for jobs and enjoying halloween. Your strategy on adding humor to the real struggle of finding job was for sure a key factor that made your post viral. I was impressed by your Imgur engagement, I remember you explained in class there were people reacting to it immediately after posting your meme.

  4. This was easily one of my favorite Viral Content Challenge memes from the class. Not only did I laugh because it’s super creative, but seriously this is what I wish I could’ve handed out on Halloween in the mad dash to finding a job.

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