America is saying “#NotMyPresident”

To many it seems that the United States has been separated into two. After the results of the election last week, #NotMyPresident began trending on Twitter. Supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took to twitter to voice their opinions on President-elect Trump. Supporters of Hillary Clinton maintained their support for her by sharing footage of protests and their negative feelings toward the electoral college. Trump supports used the hashtag while talking about Clinton and gloating about Trump winning the election.


4 thoughts on “America is saying “#NotMyPresident”

  1. With everything going on in the controversial Election 2016, I think social media blew up with opinions flying around everywhere. I love how in this post you highlighted that #NotMyPresident was used not only in regards to President-elect Trump, but also in regards to Hillary Clinton. I would have never thought that people would be taking to Twitter to use this hashtag when speaking about Clinton, but your tweets provided an interesting contrast and example that a hashtag that is seemingly obvious can be used in a different way. I think this was a great post!

  2. I think this is a great hashtag to analyze. The hashtag itself obviously favors one side of the argument, but its really interesting to see how Trump supporters used it. You found a really great example of a hashtag creating a conversation not just being used to organize tweets. Great work finding a different angle on #NotMyPresident and presenting it in an unbiased way!

  3. I think this hashtag was a great one to choose, because it’s timeless. It’s December, and I still find myself scrolling through my twitter feed and still coming across the hashtag. I also liked how you showed the hashtag pertaining to Hillary Clinton as well as President-Elect Trump. I also find myself seeing Trump supporters using the hashtag in a sarcastic manner, as if to mock those using the hashtag.

  4. Thanks for providing such a detailed analysis of the hashtag #NotMyPresident, especially in the sensitive time after the election. This was one hashtag where it was intended for one population of hHillary supporters, but was kind of spammed by Trump supporters. There are many examples of this going the other way as well during the election, but it is frustrating because it almost reverses the entire intention of the hashtag. Especially for the purpose of analyzing, it would be easy for a news site to simply pick the number of times this hashtag was used and assume all of the users were anti-Trump, when some of the users are just using it for a different sentiment.

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