Recently, the Harvard Men’s soccer team has been targeted for their sexist actions against the women’s soccer team.  It was shown that they ranked the women on their physical looks.  With these allegations, the team has cancelled the rest of their season.

The first four tweets here call this incident a disgrace, they support the decision to cancel the season.  The last two support the idea that the men can do this, that it’s simply a part of life.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however I find it hard to believe people do support what these men have done.

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  1. Hi Alexandra! I liked how instead of just talking about sexism in general, you found a specific incident that relates to such a controversial topic. My only suggestion is to put the your copy in front of the embedded tweets, to give the reader context about the tweets before reading them!

  2. This is so frustrating to hear because sexism in sports is so pervasive but I have to say it wasn’t surprising considering the “boys club” many of these top schools flaunt in their histories. I’m excited to hear that people took to Twitter to express their outrage that an institution would allow this to continue for so long. In this case, Twitter proves itself to be a great tool for people hoping to come together and discuss and issue.

  3. This was an incredibly disappointing story to hit the media a few weeks ago. It came as a shock to me that Harvard made the moves they did with the incident. It was risky on their part due to their positioning in sports as well as there reputation in general. But in all, they made the right decision and hopefully that will set an example for other institution to put money and reputation aside to do what is best for their students to protect them. Really great post and an important story and topic to share.

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