Is Carol Baskin The Only Issue?

It’s the show everyone cannot stop talking about, Tiger King. I haven’t spoken to one person that hasn’t watched it or heard of it, and I can’t scroll through my social media without seeing conspiracy theories and thoughts on the documentary. As portrayed through these 6 tweets, most people are talking about Carol Baskin- the animal rights activist that everyone thinks fed her husband to tigers. 4/6 of these tweets express hatred and blame towards Baskin, and admiration towards Joe Exotic. The other 2 tweets portray another side of the story- the fact that there are a handful of individuals in the show that committed inhumane acts that should bring up the same amount of hate Baskin is getting. Perhaps the overwhelming amount of hatred towards Baskin compared to the men in the show is due to the fact that Baskin is the only woman with a main role in the story. The majority of the media is responding to the show by praising Joe and the other zoo keepers craziness, and hating on Baskin’s craziness. The first two tweets acknowledge the entire cast of the show being problematic. The last 4 ignore everyone else’s wrong doing, expect Baskin, putting all blame on her.


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