I have a louder voice now #Influencer

At the beginning of the semester I had already a nice amount of Twitter followers, a total of 439. After learning new ways of better engaging with people and how to share relevant content and engage with influential people and raised my twitter followers to 461. I gained 22 followers including the independent candidate for governorship in Puerto Rico as well as creative directors and copywriters from known advertising agencies which was really exciting.

This was all due to the fact that I started to include media into my tweets. This really helps a lot when trying to create engagement with your followers. Another thing that worked was reaching out to people and commenting on things they shared so it creates engagement and conversations on twitter. You might even have a follow back. Also an important thing was to share content that was relevant to the audience I had. My top tweets were regarding my live tweeting from when the independent candidate for governorship in Puerto Rico came to Syracuse. Since I’m from Puerto Rico most of my followers are too so it was definitely something more relevant to them and also the fact that she retweeted and favorited a lot of the tweets which made them have more reach and therefore more impressions and engagements. Also before, most of my tweet were about things that weren’t relevant at all I would just what I was thinking/feeling in the moment and not things that were interesting. This class has definitely helped me a lot with building a more professional twitter voice and has shown me how much I can do in regards to having a voice in the social media world if you know what kind of content and what ways to better promote them. At the end of the time period my Klout score went from 10 to mi highest 63.

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