My top tweets

How cool would it be to have a lot of followers on Twitter?!  Well with this class I have learned how to improve my social media presence on Twitter along with other different platforms. Here are my top 10 tweets and what made them work better than others.

This was the tweet with the most impressions. It got 1,457 impressions, 30 engagements, 5 of them were retweets and 3 were likes. Although it had plenty if impressions it had a low engagement rate with only a 2.1%.

This was another tweet that was successful. It had 1,445 impressions and 259 engagements, 5 retweets and 11 likes. It also had a high engagement rate of 17.9% and I would say it was more successful than the previous one because it included a photo which incites people to be more likely to click on it. Due to the engagements I gained her as a follower which she then retweeted this tweet and made it have the impressions it did.

This tweet was a continuation of the ones above. A lot of my followers are from Puerto Rico so it is content that was posted was more relevant and it is something that has been having a lot of conversation there regarding governorship and elections coming up. This had 481 impressions and 108 engagements with an engagement rate of 22.5%.

This tweet was really exciting for me because Christopher Hayes favorited one of my tweets. It had 357 impressions and 59 engagements with an engagement rate of 16.6%. It was also more engaging because it did include media with the photo showing the favorite.

This tweet measures the sentiments about midterms, such a stressful time. It had 275 impressions and 44 engagement with an engagement rate of 16.1%. It also had media included so that made it have more engagements.

This tweet had 431 impressions and 54 engagements with an engagement rate of 12.6%. It was during Ethan Zuckerman’s presentation and it includes media of the event therefore more engagements.

This tweet shows trends over time using Google’s Ngram. It had 308 impressions and 32 total engagements with and engagement rate of 10.5%. Again as it worked with other tweets this tweet used media on it so that is probably why it had mor engagements.

This tweet was regarding the #ShareAMeal movement. It had 546 impressions and 17 engagements. Although it had plenty of impressions due to the likes and retweets people didn’t interact with it as much, probably because it didn’t include any media in it.

Another engaging tweet was when Dennis Crowley skipped in our class. This tweet got 428 impressions and 33 total engagements with 7.9% engagement rate.

For me this last tweet was personally my most successful. I tagged Doug Melville for our #FollowFriday tweet and he ended up inviting me to connect on LinkedIn. It had 337 impressions and 33 total engagements with a engagement rate of 9.8%.

Overall the success of my tweets for most of them was because they had some type of media integrated with them which clearly attracts more people to click on my tweet of want to find out what I’m taking about. Now I know what kind of content to share and how to incorporate media and hashtags to reach more people

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