Final Presentation: Voice

For my COM 600: Social Media Theory and Practice final presentation, I decided to focus on the idea of voice and its importance as a marketing and public relations tool. As a public relations major, I have been educated on the importance of developing and maintaining a specific brand voice when communicating with publics. Voice […]

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Top Ten Tweets

Having only recently set up my Twitter account, I began this semester with a mere 19 followers. Beginning with what was clearly a limited knowledge of the platform, I knew that I had a lot to learn and was eager to do so. Below is a collection of some of my most successful Tweets, posted […]

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Becoming an Influencer

When I came to Newhouse this summer, one of the biggest changes in my life was my sudden acquisition of multiple social media accounts. Aside from creating a Flickr for graphic design, a google account for the free drive and finally creating an overdue Linkedin profile, I also created a Twitter. Although I had once […]

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The Two Sides of #SeaWorld

Seaworld, the famous chain of marine-life entertainment parks, has been facing a severe public relations crisis since the release of “Blackfish” in 2013. A documentary that focuses on Tilikum, a captive whale that drowned his trainer during a show, “Blackfish” has caused a major uprising among animal activists. The documentary attacks SeaWorld, accusing them of […]

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The Social Advantage

In politics, there are two communication theories that are especially prevalent: agenda-setting and gatekeeping. The agenda-setting theory states that mass media have a significant impact on what people deem as important issues. Gatekeeping, however, describes the process through which media distribute information. If news was a physical entity, the gatekeepers would be those who open […]

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