Top Ten Tweets

Having only recently set up my Twitter account, I began this semester with a mere 19 followers. Beginning with what was clearly a limited knowledge of the platform, I knew that I had a lot to learn and was eager to do so. Below is a collection of some of my most successful Tweets, posted most recently within the month of November.Although the content varies and they utilize different tools, all of the tweets contain the hashtag #NHsmtp.

The first three tweets featured are the most recent and were written as part of an activism activity. While the first tweet is concerned with the perils of synthetic marijuana being mistaken for its plant counterpart, the second features one of my dogs, Skeeter, and advocates for the elimination of breed discrimination. As a pit bull, Skeeter is only one of many dogs who are discriminated against for their breed. Clearly, this is an issue that I feel strongly about. The last activism Tweet supports the #96Elephants cause, which is fighting to stop illegal poaching in Africa.

This tweet first received two reTweets, two likes, 11 engagements and a total of 233 impressions.

The next tweet received less reTweets with only one, but gained three likes. It also received a reply and generated 14 engagements and 175 impressions as well as three link clicks.

The last activism Tweet that I published received two likes, three hashtag clicks, 10 engagements and 146 impressions.

Moving away from activism, this next Tweet was a reply to Brendan Ciecko who graciously Skype-chatted with our class. Having published a Tweet about chatting with us, I responded to Ciecko with a thank you. My thank you tweet received two likes, 6 engagements and 146 impressions.

Unlike the previous Tweet, this one was for an assignment. Prompted to use an emoji, I wrote a post about what I was cooking for dinner that night and received two likes. After doing some research I chose to include one of the most popular emojis.

The next Tweet was also for an assignment. Prompted to include a hashtag for one of the days of the week, I decided to use #mondaymotivation. The Tweet received three likes and 133 impressions.

This Tweet was “stock” content that was published twice in Hootsuite. This was actually the Tweet’s second run and received three likes, 182 impressions and four engagements.

Similiar to the Brenden Cieko Tweet, this message was a thank you to a guest speaker. After speaking in my Trendspotting Digital Media course and signing my copy of “Digital Disruption,” I thought it was only appropriate to Tweet out to James McQuivey and thank him for coming to Newhouse. While he liked the tweet, so did two others and 192 people contributed to impressions.

While I did not get Jack Canfield to acknowledge the fact that I quoted him for my #WisdomWednesday Tweet, two other people liked it and the Tweet gained 89 impressions.

And finally, to end on a positive note, we were prompted to Tweet about something positive. So often social media is overcome with negativity and our class was challenged to throw some positive energy into the Twitter-sphere. In order to do this, I acknowledged some of the great people who are my classmates and also my friends. The Tweet gained two likes, one reTweet, 239 impressions and 12 engagements.

I am happy and proud to say that, aside from this blog post, I will also be ending this semester on a positive note. I have met so many amazing people in my time so far at Newhouse, all of which are incredibly intelligent and offer unique talents and skill sets. I am also grateful to have taken this class and learned different ways upon which I can improve my own skills. On that note, I look forward to the future and the Tweeting that will accompany it.


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