Social Media and Security

Social media is extremely prevalent in today’s society (I mean, we’re taking a class in it) with millions and millions of people connected around the world. However, these connections don’t come without problems as security and personal safety can sometimes be compromised. Our project takes a look at some examples of these threats and attempts […]

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Ten Tremendous Tweets

Here There Be Tweets…10 to be precise. Over the course of this class, I, along with many others, have been tweeting using our class hashtag, and though I didn’t tweet as often as some of my classmates did, I think my overall engagement was respectable. Here are my top 10/favorite tweets: Cool piece by @BuzzFeed […]

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It’s On Us

Making something go viral isn’t an easy task. In theory it should be simple enough, just get something shared by a lot of people, but in reality it is much harder than that. For me, I had to really think about what types of things usually go viral, like memes, gifs, etc. All of these […]

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Snapchat and the #LastSelfie

Social media is a wonder of the modern world. Okay, maybe not “social media” as it is defined (since it has been around a long time), but social media as we know it. I mean just think, Twitter and Facebook alone allow us to connect to people all over the globe in a matter of […]

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